Adopt Raya

A good dog deserves a great home.

Hello world!

Hooooooo-eee! First blog post on the first blog I’ve ever had. Hmmmm…where to start? I suppose I may as well start with where and why this all began: Raya, my sweet babydog foster Pit Bull.


When I made the decision to foster Raya a few weeks ago, I wasn’t entirely sure how I was going to go about getting her adopted. I have fostered two dogs before: Gumbel, an emaciated Pekingese I found sitting glumly on a street corner, and Ramus, a Pit Bull I found happily trotting down the street. Each of these dogs quickly found a home: Gumbel got snapped up by the volunteer coordinator at the low-cost clinic I brought him to for shots, and Ramus’s owner contacted me after seeing his picture on the local animal shelter website. These dogs came into my life, stayed about a week, and moved on to families that loved them. Easy-peasy, lemon squeezy.

In Raya’s case, there’s been radio-silence from the world. No one has seen her posting on the animal shelter website and called to claim her. No one answered my Craigslist posting about her. It seems like no one is looking for this sweet Pittie, and you know what? That’s okay. This wiggly girl has found a temporary home with me, and she is going to stay with me until I find her “forever home”. I will train her, feed her, take her to the vet, and – most importantly – love her until her permanent family shows up. Because this goofball of a dog is such a lovebug. She’s so trusting, so loving, and so happy that I can’t bring myself to take her to the shelter. So she stays with me and her foster brother (my dog, PJ) until she finds her One True Person, and that’s that.

I’ve been doing pretty well on the feeding/training/vetting/loving front. The loving part is a breeze: Raya is a sugar-booger, and I’ve always loved animals. I grew up on a farm and interacted with a pantheon of dogs, cats, horses and other animals (my first pet was a pig named Albion) throughout my life. The feeding and vet care portion has also come easy. Austin haLook at that tail-io. It's a blur of wagglitude.s a wonderful network of low-cost animal care clinics, which are staffed by such knowledgeable, compassionate folk. In addition, my circle of friends and family have generously contributed time and funds to help with Raya’s upkeep. As for training, I worked at a board & train doggy daycare for three years, and I am very familiar with positive training techniques. I’m also working with great “raw material”; Raya is eminently trainable. She’s food-motivated and so earnestly eager to please.

The one area that I lack experience in as a foster owner is, well, marketing. How do I let the world know about this cute little shortstack that I am fostering? I’m not a salesperson by nature. I am, however, a reasonably tech-savvy young person, and I think one of the best ways to show off this babydog is to get her her own webpage. So here we are, world! Here’s Raya’s blog, where I’ll be chronicling all her adventures (and misadventures). Come in, stay a while, and get to know this lovely girl. You may even end up finding the new canine love of your life.

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